The characters that I have played the most are on the Frostfell server. For that reason I generally consider Frostfell my home server.

Frostfell gets its name from the Old Roulean calendar. It is the third month of autumn and it is roughly analogous to December on the Gregorian Calendar.

I created my first character on Frostfell on 5 April, 2000,during the Darkness Ascendent event. That event was best known for the Shadow Spire Monarch abductions. The patch, Thorns of the Hopelsyer would go live within a week of my entry on to Dereth.

At the moment, the characters Jacintha, Mouko, Phelix Ducat, Sylvester Ducat, and Wynterlight Soulfire are inactive. Because of that, the pictures of them are from before the release of the Throne of Destiny expansion, and it is evident that the graphics quality has improved since then.

Character Heritage Rank Level Specialty Monarchy Information
Monarch / Patron

Aluvian Baron 88th Axe Amira Katfood's Mage Sorrell the Short

Sho Jinin 13th Spear Amira Katfood's Mage Pfisdant

Aluvian Yeoman 30th Mace Amira Katfood's Mage Pfisdant

Sho Jo-Chueh 38th Creature
Amira Katfood's Mage Jonmaidala

Sho Jinin 29th Unarmed
Amira Katfood's Mage Jonmaidala

Sho Jo-chueh 29th tradesman Amira Katfood's Mage Sorrell the Short

Aluvian Yeoman 23rd War Mage Amira Katfood's Mage Kthulhu

Sho Jinin 31st Jitte (Mace) Big Wiz Beri

Phelix Ducat
Aluvian Yeoman 40th Crossbow New Days Rector

Sylvester Ducat
Aluvian Yeoman 25th Sword Quetozin Peregryne

Wynterlight Soulfire
Aluvian Yeoman 17th War/Creature Quetozin Peregryne