Assault BattleMechs

80 to 100 metric tons

In the successor states, war is a fact of life. With the feudal system, not only do the various nobles provide units, they also lead their forces in battle. Those that can afford it, provide the best possible equipment for their sons and occaisionally daughters.

These are the lords of the battlefield, not the nobles, but the 'Mechs that they travel in. Bristling with weapons, loaded down with armor, not only do assault battlemechs dish out exessive damage, they can survive it as well.

These massive machines are usually found in limited numbers in command or HQ lances.

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Light 'Mechs BattleMechs weighing less than 40 metric tons
Medium 'Mechs BattleMechs weighing 40 to less than 60 metric tons
Heavy 'Mechs BattleMechs weighing 60 to less than 80 metric tons

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