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In the early 1980s there was a small games company formed called FASA, a name derived from the Marx Brothers' movie, Duck Soup . It is an acronym for Freedonian Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Perhaps the most successful game that FASA developed was BattleTech®. It was a game of a dark future of war, in which great houses battled for the position of, well First Lord of the Star League.

The whole world of the Successor States is based upon the fall of the Roman Empire. There are five major houses; Davion, Kurita, Liao, Marik, and Steiner.

House Davion is the leader of the Federated Suns, based upon the British Empire. The Federated Suns also has an area that seems loosely based on the United States and Mexico. I consider the Federated Suns a military/technological society.

House Kurita is the Leader of the Draconis Combine. The Draconis Combine is derived from Japanese Shogunate Culture. There is an area that is in the Draconis Combine that is loosely based upon the Norse society, called the Rasalhague district. This area has caused a number of problems for the Combine. I consider the Draconis Combine a military/religous society.

House Liao is the leader of the Capellan Confederation. The Capellan Confederation is based upon the Chinese Dynastic Culture, strongly Mandarin.

House Marik is the leader of the Free Worlds League. The free Worlds League may possibly be based upon the Ottoman Empire. There is currently a quasi-religious order that is more or less allied with its leadership.

House Steiner is the Leader of the Lyran Commonwealth. The Lyran Commonwealth is based upon the German Empire, though I tend more to associate it with the Prussian lead North German Confederation. I consider the Lyran Commonwealth a industrial/militaristic society.

The BattleTech® in which this takes place is now marketed as as BattleTech® Classic. The Battletech Universe has evolved, or devolved again and is now continuing on in MechWarrior: Dark Age.

MechWarrior: Dark Age is marketed by WizKids rather than Fasa, though both companies have a founder in common. It is a miniature wargame, but I have not played it, partly because it is a colectible miniatures game. What this means is that you buy the packs blind and hope you get what you need. This is directly related to the Collectible Card Games (CCG) craze that was pretty much started by Magic: The Gathering. I may check the game out in the future, but for now I am happy with my BattleTech®.

I should also state that the information I have here, and the miniatures, are from BattleTech® in its first run, instead of the BattleTech® Classic. This era in which the game takes place pretty much starts in 3025 and spans approximately 45 years to about 3070.

Light 'Mechs BattleMechs weighing less than 40 metric tons
Medium 'Mechs BattleMechs weighing 40 to less than 60 metric tons
Heavy 'Mechs BattleMechs weighing 60 to less than 80 metric tons
Assault 'Mechs BattleMechs weighing 80 to 100 metric tons

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