Above Sunrise on the Palisadoes, 1995.
On the way to the airport early one Sunday morning, we stopped by the side of the road and I shot this scene.
Jamaica's well-known white sand beaches are on the north coast. This is the south side of the island.
From my position as I took this photograph, the road was behind me, Kingston Harbour on the other side of the road, and Kingston on the other side of the Harbour.
Pentax P30T.

Above Trail in the Blue Mountains, 1984.
I love hiking in this area. Mists come and go without warning, and paths forever disappear around curves. This photograph is dedicated to a certain family friend named Jack, who is known for leading groups on long walks in search of "a great view" -- and then getting a few turns ahead on the path so that the only way to catch him is to go the whole way to his chosen destination.
Pentax K1000.

Right A minor road blocked by a landslide in the Blue Mountains, 1988.
The reason the pile of earth resulting from the landslide is not visible in the photograph is that I'm standing on it. By the way, that distinguished vehicle is a 1960 Series II Land Rover station wagon.
Pentax K1000.

Below Cruising alongside a country road, 1996.
Travelling along the country roads during my 1996 visit to Jamaica -- and I travelled hundreds of miles of country roads on that trip -- I was impressed by the number of bicycles bravely sharing right-of-way with bigger, badder motor vehicles. I was also impressed with the number of these bicycles built for one which were serving as transportation for two.
Pentax PZ-1.

More images from my 1996 trip accompany the text in this magazine story.

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