Moonbow at Cumberland Falls, photographed just after midnight by the light of the full moon.
Cumberland Falls is the site of the only predictable moonbow in the Western Hemisphere. (It appears on clear nights with a full or nearly full moon.)
I understand the only other site in the world with a predictable moonbow is Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River in Africa.
We scheduled this trip to Kentucky to coincide with the full moon and prayed for clear nights. On our third night at the Falls, I captured this image.
The film picked up the colours, but our eyes, using different night-vision technology, saw only a pale silver arc.
Pentax IQ Zoom 90WR; Fuji Superia 400 film.

Cumberland river, above the Falls.
Pentax Optio 550.

Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill. November 2000.
Pentax ZX-5n.

Keeneland Race Course, Lexington.
This Thoroughbred racetrack is open for three weeks in the spring and three weeks in the fall. We were fortunate to be there on opening weekend.
Although I have no interest in betting, I like horses and enjoy the challenge of photographing them in motion.
Pentax PZ-1.

Some retired track champions live at the Kentucky Horse Park, near Lexington.
This is great place for a horse-lover to visit. As well as a retirement home for old champions (such as John Henry) the Park includes the final resting-place of other champions (notably Man O'War); a showplace for horses of many breeds; and a museum of horse history and culture.
Pentax PZ-1.

McHargue's Mill, Levi Jackson Wilderness Road State Park.
I like this picture for some reason; I just do. McHargue's Mill is actually noted for the Library of Mountain Millstones exhibited there, which can be seen in the background of this shot. I photographed the millstones, too, but I prefer the picture of the bird.
Pentax ZX-5n.

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