In October 1998, while primarily visiting Kentucky, we made a one-day trip into Tennessee to check out Gatlinburg and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

By the time we got to the National Park, the weather was somewhere between rainy and foggy and visibility was very limited.
I didn't get a grand vista from a high point, but the moisture really makes this image.
Pentax PZ-1.

One view of Gatlinburg. It's a very commercial area. The poster town for tourist traps, in fact. At any rate, that's my "one view" of it.
Pentax ZX-5n.

A young passerby watches taffy being pulled and wrapped at a candy factory in Gatlinburg.
We watched the taffy go through different stages, and I watched the big window and the people passing by outside.
This little kid happened along with his big lollipop, and stood to watch the taffy go through this machine and fall as small, wrapped logs into a basket.
I'd been waiting for someone like him to come along and complete the picture.
Pentax PZ-1.

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