The chapel at Mission San Juan Capistrano, San Antonio. February 2001.
Pentax ZX-5n.

Christmas tree in front of the Alamo, San Antonio, December 2000.
Pentax PZ-1.

San Fernando Cathedral in downtown San Antonio. December 2000.
Pentax LX.

Sunrise at Woodlawn Lake, San Antonio, 1996.
I made the "mistake" of telling a veteran photographer, who shoots a lot of sunrises, that I'm not an early riser and therefore collect sunsets.
He issued me a personal challenge to send him a sunrise photo within the next two months.
Well, if a gentleman with a Pulitzer on his résumé and a kind teaching style issues a challenge like that, what can you do but plan on getting up to shoot at least one sunrise?
This bird flew past during my second roll of film. I love gifts like this shot.

Then-Gov. George W. Bush visits San Antonio during his 1998 reelection campaign.
Pentax PZ-1.
(First published in the Texas Observer.)

A stream meanders through granite sand at Enchanted Rock State Natural Area.

Inside the chapel of 18th-century
Mission Espada, in San Antonio.

Right Busy bee in Brackenridge Park, San Antonio, 1998. Pentax PZ-1.

Below Deer crossing the Frio River in Garner State Park just after sunrise on a fall morning, 1996. After standing ankle-deep in this aptly-named river for a while, shooting two or three rolls of film tracking the movement of the sunlight down a cliff, I was rewarded with this. Another gift shot.
Pentax PZ-1.

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