Taps are sounded during Barbara Jordan's burial service at the Texas State Cemetery in Austin, 1996.
Pentax PZ-1.
© The Ranger

Grand-Dad. Lovingly remembered. 1990.
He was very fond of reading, even near the end of his life.
Voigtländer Vito CLR.

The annual Good Friday Passion Play, performed outside San Fernando Cathedral, San Antonio, Texas, 1994.
Pentax ME Super.
Previously published in The Ranger

Pool player in an intramural competition lines up his shot, 1994.
© The Ranger

Disaster drill at San Antonio International Airport, 1996.
© The Ranger

Students wait in a long line to register for class at San Antonio College, 1996.
© The Ranger

Students react to the televised announcement that O.J. Simpson was found not guilty of murdering his ex-wife, 1995.
I stood next to the television set in the student centre, put my camera on top of the set and framed the crowd. As soon as the verdict was announced, I hit the shutter.
Pentax Super Program.
© The Ranger

Living history farm at LBJ State Park, Texas, 1994.
I experimented with shooting TMax 100, rated at 50, developed in Microdol-X. Ended up with the finest-grained negatives I've ever had -- but so contrasty!
Printing this required more dodging and burning than anything else I've printed.
Pentax ME Super.

Photo illustration of "Where Have All The Flowers Gone?" 1994.
The assignment was to illustrate some theme in a photograph. I selected the idea of history repeating itself, or of war going in cycles, as articulated in that song. This is a composite of two images: the flowers, which begin and end the song, and the veteran soldier standing in the military graveyard in between. Both images were shot with a Pentax ME Super. Each was set up in a separate enlarger, with a mask placed on the filter holder. The print was exposed by one enlarger, then moved to the other for the second exposure.

Bathing pool at Clydesdale in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, c. 1983.
One of my favourite black & white images, especially from that era.
Pentax K1000.

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