A few more of my favourite images.
Mother and daughter negotiate over a lunch tray. I shot this, among other mother-child images, for submission to a book project. This was the image selected, and it was published in"A Mother's Touch" in 1998.
Pentax PZ-1; Sunpak dedicated TTL flash.

This image was designed for a class assignment to shoot a Product Illustration for crayons. I call it "Crayon Hands -- After Escher." Yes, it is a straight photograph -- no digital manipulation to get the hands in that position.
Pentax Super Program; available window light.

This is a product illustration of the Jamaican grapefruit soda Ting.
The background image was a 1983 slide, projected onto a wall; illumination for the still life in the foreground was the Sunpak flash.
1995. Pentax Super Program.

I designed this toothpaste product illustration for commercial photography class in 1996. The image was made with a 4x5 monorail camera.

Assignment for class -- portrait of a teen.
Yashica Mat 124G; studio strobes.

Another class assignment called for a window-light portrait.
Yashica Mat 124G.