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What is a role playing game (RPG)?

An RPG used to be a game that was played primarily in the mind of the players. That is no longer strictly true. There are Computer Role Playing Games (CRPGs), Online Role Playing Games (ORPGs), and Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs). These types of RPGs place a world of the imagination and depict it virtually.

The first RPG that I played was Dungeons & Dragons© and I soon moved to Advanced Dungeons & Dragons©. I have been playing D&D since about 1979.

Since then I have played numerous RPGs, spanning fantasy, science fiction, super hero, espionage and more. I've even worked on designing a combat sytem for a post-apocalyptic war RPG.

On this page, I hope to deal with some of the games I have played, and possibly present information on ideas that I have.

Below is a table of links to various personal pages. Later, I may include links to pages that I consider good resources.

My Pages Short Description
Eric Greyfalcon's Page

One of the characters I have played is Eric Greyfalcon. He was an interesting character and I have included some background, as well as some of his journals on this page.

Asheron's Call

Asheron's Call is an MMORPG that was designed and is supported by Turbine.

Included on this page are some journals, stats, and information about the various characters I play.

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