Why Falcon's Gate?

One of the most common questions I get asked is "Why Falcon's Gate?"

To answer that I have to give you a little bit of history on me and an interest of mine.

Does anyone remember WOW!? It was the first national ISP to offer a flat rate for unlimited Internet access. It was owned by Compuserve, before AOL took over Compuserve. WOW! didn't last long, but I believe it caused a number of changes to the face of the World Wide Web.

I was known as GreyFalcon on WOW!, and my wife went by the screen name of NightFalcon. I had originally chosen GreyFalcon because I had a character in Dungeons & Dragons® named Eric Greyfalcon.

The name Eric Greyfalcon was chosen because I am fascinated by and respect birds of prey. There are many types of birds of prey, but my fascination started a while back.

When I was growing up there was a very popular television show named Dallas. This resulted in the release of a whole genre of shows that would come to be known as night-time soap operas. Of these shows, some of which I actually admit to watching (Hey, Dallas starred the Man From Atlantis), my favorite one was called Falcon Crest. I loved the shot of the falcon during the credits. I credit this with the start of my fascination with birds of prey, and more specifically falcons.

Since then I have always found the the sport of hunting birds of prey interesting. This sport is named falconry. Falconry is a very demanding sport. It requires a great amount of time, dedication, and resources. Because of this it was often the province of the nobility. I had planned for Eric to be noble and that led to the concept of falcon being part of his name.

I felt that Falcon or various derivatives such as Falkon or Faulkon sounded a bit plain for the character I wanted. I sought to add a bit of flair to it, and seeking a dash of English romance, I chose grey, from Earl Grey tea, one of my favorite beverages. Thus was born the name Greyfalcon.

I played Eric Greyfalcon, in various incarnations, for many years. As he progressed, he became powerful enough to establish a fortress. Working with the dungeonmaster (DM), I developed the concept of a village beset by many enemies. Eric was able to rescue the village, and in turn, establish a fortress inside it. I called this fortress Falcon's Gate, and the town took the same name.

When I decided to take a domain name, the first one that I thought of Falcon's Gate. A quick search revealed that the name of that domain was not being used, so I chose it. I just think it sounds interesting.

Since my wife had taken the name NightFalcon on WOW!, it works for her as well.

That is the story behind the name Falcon's Gate, and the reason this web site is called falconsgate.com.

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