The Final Flight
of the Falcon

In the blinking of an eye,
Flew the Falcon from afar.
By the heat of a nova,
Through the heart of a star.

Her outer hull was blackened
By her long, arduous flight,
Unseen by all the sleepers,
Upon the planet that night.

Her engines worked screaming,
To correct her fatal course,
to save her beloved passengers
with almost human remorse.

The Horsemen followed closely
Appocalypse was nigh
Tracking the craft in fury,
In flames would she die!

Yet in her final effort
She set her passengers free
And turned upon the Horsemen
Refusing to longer flee.

Surprised by such an action
The Horsemen couldn't know
Their destiny awaited,
In the Falcon's final blow.

She charged toward the Horsemen,
Her engines straining too far,
Into their fatal midst,
And exploded like a Star!

The planet bathed in brilliance
Swathed in the glow of the fire
As three of the Horsemen perished
In the Falcon's funeral pyre.

Below a shuttle landed
Gently upon the Earth
And those that had survived
set out to prove their worth

Just beyond the moonscape
A lone rider remained,
The Pale Horseman contemplated
What Destiny had ordained.

Feb 21, 1989

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