The Goblin's Grin

I've got a friend named "Drac,"
Who always dresses in basic black.
We went cruising one autumn night
The t-top out, basking in the full moon's light.

We cruised the street till midnight's chime
Then Drac said "It's party time,"
He took me to a place I'd never been,
A dance hall called the Goblin's Grin.

I met a guy as big as a tank
Whom Drac introduced to me as "Frank."
A girl named Thana told me to have some fun,
Or before I knew it, the night would be done.

"Owwwww," came the voice over the DJ's mic,
"My name is Jack, I know the sounds you like.
So hit the floor, get ready, get down
As I start the super disk spinning round."

Out on the floor a skeleton pranced,
To and Fro "Mr. Bones" danced.
A disco ball reflected the eerie light
On the dancers in the warm autumn night

"Welcome folks, to the Goblin's Grin,
Your Dee Jay, the Wolfman, is now in.
So dance and yell and yowl at the moon,
As I put on another howwllin' tune."

Taking Thana's advice, I hit the dance floor
With ghosts, goblins, gremlins and more.
Time flew by, and witches too
Dancing to the tunes of the Rockin Boo.

I went to the bar to quench my thirst
The calender read October thirty-first
A Raven flew past, out to the floor
Screeching and squawking "Nevermore."

Thana was dressed in a black opaque shroud
She grabbed my hand and led me back to the crowd.
Then my body caught the beat again,
Thana just smiled and said "Fun's not a sin."

From the corner walked a man dressed in red
As he approached, he turned to me and said
"Enjoy thyself, my mysterious friend
For dawn is nigh, whence the party shall end."

Turning, he laughed and lit a cigar
The smell of brimstone wafted in the air.
My attention returned to the ballroom floor
Where Thana and I danced a few minutes more.

"Owwww! I'm sorry to say goodbye my friends
But dawn is nigh, thus the party ends."
Thana gave me a locket and said "Never fear,
I'll see you again, at the party next year."

Waking from my dream, I looked around,
There, on my dresser, a locket I found.
Lying in bed in the morning sunlight,
I wondered what had truly happened that autumn night.

Oct 31, 1987

Dramatis Personae
Drac  -  Valdimir Dracula  -  Dresses in basic black  -  A vampire.
Frank  -  Franklin Nicholas Stein  -  Frank N. Stein  -  A descendent of Victor Frankenstein, although his surname has been changed.
Jack  -  The D.J.  -  A werewolf.
Luke  -  The man in red  -  Lucas Ithcarius Ferrous  -  A true devil.
Mr. Bones  -  Real name unknown  -  A dancing, prancing skeleton.
Thana  -  Last name unrevealed  -  Sorority sister of Morticia Addams  -  A comely witch.

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